The Winner Who Was Everyone’s Second Choice — Abraham Lincoln

My favorite football team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  They often come in second place.  That is not good.  Usually, second is not anyone's goal. However, being the second choice was the goal of our greatest President.  One-term Congressman Abraham Lincoln sought to be the best alternative in the Republican nominating convention of 1860. There was one favorite at the 1860 convention -- … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: Living What He Believes — Simply and Outside the Norm by Talley Wells

I once challenged my minister and good friend.  He was moving from our modest working class Methodist church to a prestigious wealthy church.  “Aren’t you going against what Jesus taught about humility, simplicity, and the first being last?  Why do the best pastors always leave the poorer struggling churches to go to the wealthy successful churches?” I was being hypocritical.  If I was in my … [Read more...]

Trumptastic Advocacy: Outrageous Outrage by Talley Wells

Donald Trump

Want to hear a joke? Donald Trump. Want to know who is leading the Presidential polls? Donald Trump. I mentioned Donald Trump to an elderly retiree sitting next to me. The man whispered with passion. “I agree with him. He won’t be President, but what he says is true.” “What?” I asked. “He’s going to convince the Mexicans to pay for a wall between our countries?” “Not that,” he says, “but in … [Read more...]