Despicable T

IMG_0908Despicable T is an addictive farce I have been watching for the last six months. It is about an evil demagogue who tries to steal the White House.  A horde of minions follow him around the country cheering his every word and roughing up those who disagree.  The minions grow in size and fervor with each dastardly speech.

The farce is fascinating and fun.  But like any addiction, each time I watch, my heart grows two sizes smaller.

I can’t stop watching.  I have to see which innocent person or group will be attacked and in what devilish way.

Despicable T has a single passion – himself.  The more he talks about Despicable T, the bigger he gets.  He has become so huge, it is hard to see the little Governors and Senators attacking him with their facts and their experience and their other useless ideas.

Despicable T has weapons.  He uses these weapons bigger and bolder than anyone has before.  He fires tweets through a single account.  He blows the tweets up in front of millions through little boxes around the country called televisions.  He is so powerful he can use his phone from New York and appear in these boxes all over the world.

Despicable T has an endless supply of insults.  The insults are pieces of facts lathered up with lies.  They fire out of his mouth like machine gun bursts and explode into the twitter-sphere with dazzling sparks of outrage and disgust.

One of his super powers is No-Shame.  No-Shame allows Despicable T to make fun of a disability, retweet a racist lie, lampoon a war hero, offend an entire nationality, and call names on national television faster than the media can repeat them.  No-Shame is an incredible power that enables Despicable T to not only ask how stupid are the people of Iowa, but also how stupid are the American people.  (It is ironic how he and we and definitely I have been answering his question by lapping this stuff up).

Despicable T has only one weakness.  He is deathly afraid someday he will be ignored.  Fortunately, No-Shame shields him from oblivion.

The one thing I find annoying about this farce is Despicable T can’t take a joke.  He calls people losers and names.  Yet, when someone talks about him, even when it is the truth, Despicable T goes after them.

Still, the farce is endlessly watchable.  Just when Despicable T seems to have gone too far, he goes even further still.

I recommend watching Despicable T.  One thing to watch out for.  It could be a little pricey.   It may cost you your soul, your Constitution, your country, and your planet.

Still, it is a wild ride!  You never know what is going to happen next.  Whatever it is, I guarantee it will be despicable.

Maybe someday soon an episode will include a little red button with a bejeweled finger pushing it down.  That would be huge!


  1. Great work! You nailed it!


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