The Only Way I Can Cope With This Election Is To Turn To Advent

The only way I can cope with this devastating election is to rely on my faith.  Ironically, on this day of despair, Advent began (for me).  I have taken on the task of writing a new Christmas play for the children and musicians at St. Paul UMC Grant Park.  I enjoy adding humor and cuteness to the story we tell each year of the birth of Jesus.  Advent is the time of preparation … [Read more...]


Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, I appear before you on behalf of my client the United States Constitution.  This is my closing argument before the Constitution faces the possibility of irreparable damage on November 8, 2016.  Of course, I have not been asked by the Constitution to argue this case, but I have been given written permission by its First Amendment. As a lawyer, I took an oath … [Read more...]