I’m a Zombie who voted for Clinton


President Donald Trump says millions of illegal votes were cast in favor of Hillary Clinton and many of them were by dead people.  He's right.  I should know.  I am a zombie, and I voted for Clinton. Now, you may try to use facts to argue that I am not a zombie.  I am alive.  I don't eat people.  I don't have body parts falling off.  I don't even watch zombie … [Read more...]

Welcome to 2017! Welcome to the Wilderness.

So here we are -- the wilderness of 2017.  Happy new year. There is a dread that settles over me each morning when sleep fades and I realize once again that it is not a dream.  Donald Trump will be our next President. I begin again to worry about the big things: my children, the planet, my clients, and my job.  But that’s not all ... I also worry about the dismantling of Medicaid, consumer … [Read more...]